the canadian experience


The Brief

You’ve already heard the line, and that’s probably why you’re here. I just love that I’m able to grab so much attention saying just one sentence, because it doesn’t happen always happen. If you haven’t heard it though, you’re late, very late! So go to 0:18 of “The Canadian Experience” video above and listen for yourself.

The Inspiration

Let’s not all forget that I was the first to hear that line and even think of it, and I myself did not believe what I’d just said. I was just a young college kid on my way home from a morning Calculus class. Frustrated that I’d been indoors for almost 4 days prior because of a ridiculous snowstorm (one of) that hit Prince Edward Island in the winter of 2015, I thought I’d channel that emotion towards that into a song like I usually do. There I was, walking through the halted bi-directional traffic on University Avenue, Charlottetown, as I thought of the perfect third bar to my newly started storytelling rap verse by saying that I’m a bit insane and music makes me madder. The pedestrian walk sign hadn’t turned red yet and still had lots of seconds left, and I’d only counted about 7 steps as I scribbled through my brain to find a word that rhymes with “madder”. “Harder”, I thought! Call it nursery, I don’t care, but it certainly did the trick. So what now can I think of that gets harder? My penis of course! When I think of lyrics my penis becomes harder! Thinking back almost three years later at that scenario, I still wonder what manner of a scene it must’ve been for the few drivers who watched this young psycho backpacked kid laughing to himself ridiculously in the centre of a main road as they waited for the green traffic light. Epic, everything about that day was epic, and at that point, I knew I had just created a gem that could last in people’s minds for a long time.


I once watched a sci-fi movie that had a plot about people who were kidnapped and transported to mars to be used for some scientific experiment. The victims were volunteers for a cause who had won an all expense paid trip to travel around the world for several months. I’m obviously missing a few detains in the story and can’t remember the movie name. However, just as I had stepped foot outside the plane and felt the 36 km wind on my skin in a -26 °C temperature at 10 pm at night, I could swear that I wasn’t on earth anymore. All I could think about was that movie and how I may have fallen victim to some pharmaceutical corporate shark’s evil endeavours. I convinced myself that I was f*****, and all I wanted to do at that point was to go back home there and then. No way I’d be here if I knew this is what it is like, I thought.


Not to take up all your time talking about some random crazy story of mine, I’d shorten the creative process for you here on how it all formed to this track. A year after the first idea came to mind, I went back to finish up this joke of a track, made the beat and recorded and mixed the vocals all by myself. Three years later, here you have it — my one special dedicated beauty that I present to the world as an official introduction to my beautiful dark twisted mind. Don’t judge me, don’t blame me. My lyrics are what they are, and I’ll take it as my talent to think in this twisted pattern that many people just don’t. That is my forte.